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Uncompromising faith always starts with a promise. The Father promised the Son eternal intimacy. In coming to earth Jesus was tempted to doubt that promise and was mercilessly tested for His resistance; thus He overcame the adversary. Jesus lived uncompromising faith. We do not have such faith; being weak ‘self’ filled humans. Yet Jesus reaches to take us by the hand as a parent to a child. Our child-like faith in Him is all we need. As we wander the hidden paths of the wilderness with our God something strange and wonderful happens. His uncompromising faith slowly becomes ours. Gently and tenderly Jesus trains us to become overcomers. The promise the Father has made to the Son becomes our own. This blog is for all that would take their small and weak faith to trust in a God who has all the uncompromising faith we all need.

Uncompromising Faith Follow Me Hebrew

Follow Me!

In Matthew 4:19 Jesus called to some men and said “Follow Me [as My disciples, accepting Me …
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Uncompromising Faith Gifts and Character

Gifts and Character

Contrast There are few subjects more important, and so misunderstood, in the walk of faith as the …
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Uncompromising Faith The Breath of Life Bird in Winter

The Breath of Life

“But He Himself withdrew [in retirement] to the wilderness (desert) and prayed.” Luke 5:16 One of the …
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Uncompromising Faith The Veil of Self Misty Trees

The Veil of ‘Self’

The Problem As I lay in bed this morning thinking about the day, I noticed something; a …
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Uncompromising Faith Battle Strategy Peace Bird in the storm

Battle Strategy: Peace

The largest battle ground in life is that of peace. Whoever can win and hold on to …
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Uncompromising Faith Debt Free Mountains

Debt Free

Each debt we owe is like a tiny string that ties us to earth much like Lemuel …
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Uncompromising Faith The Cost Ancient Coins

The Cost

The most exciting part of being missionaries of faith is when God breaks into our world with …
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Uncompromising Faith Deep Roots Masada Acacia Tree

Deep Roots

It may seem that a continually watered tree is a good thing, wouldn’t you agree? But what …
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Uncompromising Faith Caramelized Onions Shallots

Caramelized Onions

The wilderness is a most unpleasant place to be. It can be dirty, difficult, and painful as …
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Uncompromising Faith A Consuming Fire Sunset

A Consuming Fire

One chilly January morning, in early 2009, Wanda was preparing for her morning time with Jesus. She …
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Uncompromising Faith

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