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Uncompromising faith always starts with a promise. The Father promised the Son eternal intimacy. In coming to earth Jesus was tempted to doubt that promise and was mercilessly tested for His resistance; thus He overcame the adversary. Jesus lived uncompromising faith. We do not have such faith; being weak ‘self’ filled humans. Yet Jesus reaches to take us by the hand as a parent to a child. Our child-like faith in Him is all we need. As we wander the hidden paths of the wilderness with our God something strange and wonderful happens. His uncompromising faith slowly becomes ours. Gently and tenderly Jesus trains us to become overcomers. The promise the Father has made to the Son becomes our own. This blog is for all that would take their small and weak faith to trust in a God who has all the uncompromising faith we all need.

The Nature of the Soul Apple Tree

The Nature of the Soul

In our journey through the wilderness our Father taught us many great truths about ourselves, the ‘self’ …
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Weeding the Spiritual Garden - Hoeing

Weeding the Spiritual Garden

A quiet and serene peace has draped over the motel where we live these past few days …
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Uncompromising Faith The Mask of the Beast Lion statue from Getty Images

The Mask of the Beast

It has been several months since God has permitted the demonic principality of fear to blanket and …
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Uncompromising Faith Do Not Plan Hebrew Arabic Sign

Do Not Plan!

40 days after being evicted from the cabin and living in the woods of rural P.E.I. we …
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Uncompromising Faith Skillet Fudge with Skor Bits

Skillet Fudge with Skor Bits

Living in a motel is fertile ground for invention and creativity when it comes to food. After …
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Distilling the Body of Christ - Clouds over the Golan Heights

Distilling the Body of Christ

One of the more difficult parts of fasting is drinking the right water. Regular tap or bottled …
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Uncompromising Faith - Faith Under Siege - Soldier

Faith Under Siege: A View from the Trenches

This is not a blog I want to write. If it had not been for a comment …
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Uncompromising Faith The Fast Track to Maturity Freezer

The Fast Track to Maturity

Christmas last year was enjoyable. Maybe too enjoyable. The influx of sweets and other treats caused my …
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Uncompromising Faith Lefse


We once read a story by a woman heartbroken over her friend so poor that she had …
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Uncompromising Faith Limitations and Self Bottleneck

Limitations and ‘Self’

Truth is timeless. Sometimes the spirit of God comes through our words and so packs them with …
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Uncompromising Faith

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