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Uncompromising faith always starts with a promise. The Father promised the Son eternal intimacy. In coming to earth Jesus was tempted to doubt that promise and was mercilessly tested for His resistance; thus He overcame the adversary. Jesus lived uncompromising faith. We do not have such faith; being weak ‘self’ filled humans. Yet Jesus reaches to take us by the hand as a parent to a child. Our child-like faith in Him is all we need. As we wander the hidden paths of the wilderness with our God something strange and wonderful happens. His uncompromising faith slowly becomes ours. Gently and tenderly Jesus trains us to become overcomers. The promise the Father has made to the Son becomes our own. This blog is for all that would take their small and weak faith to trust in a God who has all the uncompromising faith we all need.

Uncompromising Faith Battle Strategy Truth Steak

Battle Strategy: Truth

God helps those who help themselves. Do you believe that? We hope not because these words not …
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Uncompromising Faith Cordi


We have many memories of our journey of uncompromising faith. Some are full of joy and awe …
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Uncompromising Faith What is Coming Sword

What is Coming

The time of silence in this tomb has not been easy. Our life has been quiet in …
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Uncompromising Faith Remembering Yad Vashem plaque


Remembrance Day will soon be here; a day when we remember those who have fallen in battle …
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Uncompromising Faith To Create Life Baby

To Create Life

Did you know the building you live in and the temple you occupy are both made from …
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Uncompromising Faith Sacrificial Love Lawrence Anthony and Elephant

Sacrificial Love

I do not believe in coincidences. Having followed God through the wilderness, we have experienced His humble …
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Uncompromising Faith The Battle for Hope Japanese Prisoner

The Battle for Hope

There has been an unprecedented attack against the Bride of Christ, believers and those who stand for …
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Uncompromising Faith Faith in Man Duck and ducklings

Faith in Man

If we asked you what are the enemies of faith, how would you respond? Would you say …
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Why does God Allow Suffering Ancient Cross

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Why does God allow suffering? This question, and its derivatives, has become more commonplace in the last …
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Uncompromising Faith Spiritual Adultery Wedding Chuppah

Spiritual Adultery

Adultery is the most destructive expression of ‘self’ in a marriage relationship. It affects our physical body …
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