Many years ago, when our family led a ‘normal’ life, we lived in a nice quiet home in the suburbs. One day, God specifically told me I needed to be more ‘flexible’. Now by ‘flexible’ God actually meant He would twist our family in knots and then undo us all, but we did not know this at the time. It was only in the wilderness we learned of the tool God uses to teach us how to be ‘flexible’ and that is the season of suddenlies. Out of nowhere, this month, God has once again thrown us into such a season.

The rising tempest

Uncompromising Faith A Season of Suddenlies - Breaking WavesI have to thank our dear brother for bringing wisdom through the term ‘season of suddenlies’; helping us understand this time of upheaval our family is enduring. Walking with Jesus is always an adventure. Sometimes, as we have found, there are long periods of stillness where God allows previous lessons to percolate through our weary souls. In other seasons the situations change as fast as the weather and it is hard to keep up. The season of suddenlies is a double-edged sword. Such is the path of faith, and this month God has filled our world to the brim with such events.

Navigating this time with the peace of God has been a trial by itself.

Ever since the beginning of the Jewish year last October, God has been changing the dynamics of the world and church systems. For 2000 years the church has been under what we call the church age. It started with Pentecost, but that season has now ended. God has now transitioned the world to what we call the kingdom age. Can you spot the difference? 

The rising remnant

During this time of transition, God has been calling His people to draw ever closer. By necessity this means that there will be a separation from those repelled by God’s truth, love and grace. We can see this already happening as churches are closed and people, by necessity, are re-evaluating how they will spend their time. Many will stop pretending they are believers because government has taken away their means of religious expression. For a tiny remnant, however, this year has been one of intense preparation for the long season ahead. These people have chosen to follow God above all else, and God has brought them into a season of suddenlies.

America's Altar

Out of nowhere God gave us a connection with an evangelist who is crossing America calling people to repentance. William Owens is a traveling evangelist and poet with a passion for people to find healing in Jesus through repentance. God orchestrated our connection with William, and we worked together on his evangelistic project, America’s Altar.  

Then, out of the blue, God blessed me with a new laptop and suddenly new opportunities arose. You may have noticed we are now posting podcasts to spread the message of uncompromising faith. As with all new things, there have been several hiccups, including our web site crashing. However, there is now a new link at the top for a page for all of our podcasts. We encourage you to take a listen and see if you like what you hear. We are also on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, acast, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Stitcher, Player.FM, Overcast, RadioPublic, Breaker and many others.

Helping out in the season of suddenlies

As God is blessing us with new equipment and opportunities, we want to pass this blessing on to others but we need your help. One thing we would like is for topic suggestions and questions we can cover in the podcasts. God has given us so much, we don’t always know what listeners want to know, so we are reaching out to you. Click on the button below and send us your ideas for topics, questions and suggestions for future episodes.

Second, if you like and enjoy the podcast, could you please subscribe with your favorite app on your favorite podcast site and leave us an honest review or send us a testimonial we can post? These connections are valuable for they let others know there is treasure in what God has given us. Thank you.

Podchaser - Uncompromising Faith

Uncompromising Faith now has a new logo to help all of our faithful followers know where we can be found.

Preparing during the season of suddenlies

When God threw us into the wilderness journey, He was careful to prepare us in advance so it would harden us to what was coming. Losing power, going hungry and facing opposition from the police and angry neighbors properly prepared us for the homelessness we did not know Jesus was leading us into. Thankfully, God prepared us and we made it through that time.

We learned two valuable truths in these experiences. The first was that we weren’t as far along spiritually as we thought, and the second was that we were much stronger than what we believed.

The season of suddenlies

In this season of suddenlies we want to encourage you. You are NOT farther along than you think you are. Let go of that notion and accept with humility that God has orchestrated this season to shake pride off of you. You are also much stronger than you realize. The struggle you face is merely a preparation for what is ahead. You will survive if you follow Jesus. Yes, my friends, it is about to get a whole lot worse as God takes His people into the wilderness to scrape off ‘self’ and prepare you for His presence.

God ordained this season long ago, and by His prophets warned us accordingly.

Why are we surprised that God is doing what He promised He would do?

In this season of suddenlies the pace has definitely quickened and the last call is being sent out. There is not much time left to accept the invitation to the wilderness that God is offering. We know this seems foolish to the carnal mind, but as veteran sojourners we testify this is the greatest honor we have ever seen God bestow on believers since the Hebrews left Egypt.


Homer and Wanda

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  1. Michele Morin

    Those “suddenlies” so often lead us through a season of wondering, and into a sense if wonder. God is so creative!

    1. Homer Les

      Amen! That He is, that He is! Thank you and blessings to you Michele.

  2. Precious One

    This post has blessed me greatly. I am unable to express just now how much. All I can say on that is that I’m filled with so much joy and so much hope.

    I am so thankful for your wonderful season of suddenlies, Les Family. Like a mighty rushing wind – the Lord continues to blow, and blow upon you all gentle yet hard ??
    He is awesome in all His ways. Now, let me find the best platform to connect to those wonderful podcasts ❣️

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you so much Deandra. We are so glad you are blessed. The little issues have consumed most of our time and I think we tend to miss the big picture of what God is doing in building relationship with His people. Your comment is a good reminder that, despite the many obstacles we face, God is working His Spirit through us. Thank you.

      Hope you find the right platform for listening! May God fill your heart with His today!

      1. Precious One

        Oh yes. Absolutely!
        Lord, open our eyes and cause us to see You, and what You’re doing in our lives. Open our ears, and cause us to hear You, and the cries of those around. Open our hearts, and cause us to receive You, and give love to all we meet. Open our hands, and cause us to accept Your lessons, and to be patient in our service to others. ??

        Found the platform ??

        ABBA’s richest blessings and His best to you my Canadian Family ❣️

  3. Sharon Hazel

    The season of suddenlies when God reveals to us what is in our hearts…Interesting post, I will look up your podcasts and have a listen/feedback!

    1. Homer Les

      Amen, that it does Sharon. It may make us feel like our head is spinning but our reactions tell us whether or not the season and His Spirit has brought forth the character of Jesus in us. Thank you for the comment and for looking up the podcast. We hope that you are very blessed. May God add His blessings to you and your family.

  4. Janet

    Hi Homer and Wanda,

    So glad for all God is doing in your life right now. Indeed, God has prepared you for the doors He’s opening.

    For topic suggestions, I think Wanda could do more podcasts on prayer. I don’t know any specific topic, actually, but from the last podcast, her natural flow, and evidently, wealth of experience makes me believe she has so much to teach in that area.

    If I get any other suggestions, I’ll get in touch.

    God bless.

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you so much for this Janet. Wanda does indeed have a wealth and beauty far beyond the physical. As we get more experience (and a better recording environment) Wanda and I will be doing a lot more together. We will certainly be focusing on prayer a lot as you suggested. Thank you. May He wrap you in the blanket of His love dear sister!

  5. Vanessa Lynn

    I have missed your posts. Not sure why I haven’t read them in awhile. I am back and I am excited to see what God lays on your heart to share.

    1. Homer Les

      It is so good to see you back Vanessa. Thank you. Hopefully with this new website design it will be easier to follow. May you continually find great treasures of faith as you follow Him!

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