Imagine living with someone for so long and so deeply that every essence in your being is tied to them. That is the reality in our marriage and in our walk with Jesus. Becoming this intimate is something that has to be hewn from the rock of experience and then refined by the blast furnace of life. Wanda and I endured much to be this way. Our walk with Jesus is no different. Like King David, we are on the path to becoming prayer.

Becoming Prayer

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The high calling to pray is not reserved for some elite group. This calling is for every believer, for praying is nothing less than being connected to Life itself. It is the heart and soul of relationship between two living beings. Whether we call it conversation, talk or prayer, the concept is the same. We are sharing our life with another and receiving their life in return. It is the common language of spirit that binds us to our Creator.

When prayer is simply an action, something we do, it is lifeless and boring. Sadly, this is the case for many who have not pursued intimacy with Jesus as the foundation for their life. Jesus is not calling His people to pray, but to become prayer, to let conversing with Him permeate every element of our life. To build our temple into a hallowed place where we are most intimate with our God.

Wanda Ring, my wife of almost 32 years, is one such person to whom conversation with Jesus is life. In her earlier days she was given the gift of intercession, which she has nurtured faithfully these many years. Quietly pursuing God, Wanda has attended the fire of her passion for Jesus like few others. Not only does she lead the Joel’s Army Canada prayer line for World For Jesus but she also prays actively on many other prayer lines on top of her times of deep personal intimacy with Jesus. Wanda truly lives and breathe prayer.

Wanda Ring, Prayer Warrior

Today in our podcast we will hear from Wanda. This time is dedicated to the pursuit of prayer and understanding how a veteran intercessor understands the nature and focus of what God is calling us to. Join with us as Wanda opens up the vault of experience to bring us the treasures within. May you hear the the call of Jesus and engage with Him intimately.


Homer and Wanda

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  1. Janet

    One of my best. I actually found how to download it! Will listen over and over. “Becoming prayer” has been my goal, that’s where I’m heading to, and I thank Wanda for the encouragement in this podcast.

    I couldn’t agree more about being passionate about prayer in the wilderness than in “Egypt.” May God continue to lead and inspire you.

    1. Homer Les

      That is so awesome Janet! Way to go! We thank you for your encouragement. May our Father bless you richly.

  2. Mandy Farmer

    the passion for real true prayer is absent for so many. It’s one of the basic disciplines for faith. Thank you for linking up at Legacy LInkup . This is the kind of post I want my readers to read/hear

    1. Homer Les

      I am so glad Mandy. We really do want to share God’s heart desire to be in constant communion with His children. May God bless you richly!

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