Cheap Faith

As I lay in bed this morning, talking with Jesus, our conversation drifted lazily to the subject of faith. We discussed the two types of faith in our world; one common, the other not so much.

Uncompromising Faith Cheap Faith IKEA

We are all familiar with the common faith. This faith you can buy at any local church for a few shekels. This is the cheap IKEA brand of faith. You know the kind. Faith that is quick, easy, and if you put any pressure on it breaks into a pile of garbage.

This faith doesn’t help anyone because it is nothing more than simple mental assent. This is not real faith but lies that masquerade as faith. As soon as God tests us, when the storms of life blow, cheap faith disappears like a dandelion in the wind. Is this the faith Jesus wants us to have?

We then talked about the other kind of faith. The rare, expensive type of faith like something you could only find at Sotheby’s. This is hard to find in our world because real faith is rare and valuable.

Uncompromising Faith Cheap Faith Sotheby's

Real faith is expensive. It will cost a person everything they own. Many argue that real faith isn’t worth the high cost yet never pay the price to find out. That’s the funny thing about faith. You will never understand how valuable real faith is unless you give up everything to obtain it.

As people who have given everything to gain faith like Abraham, Moses, David, Job, Jeremiah, Paul and countless others, let me say real faith is worth the price. Real faith will not break in a storm but only gets stronger as it is tested. Expensive faith is the anchor that holds us to Jesus when satan comes howling at our door. Real faith, expensive and rare, is worth every sacrifice because He is worth every sacrifice.

The question is what kind of faith would you like to own?


Homer and Wanda

24 thoughts on “Cheap Faith

  1. 6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Hebrews 11:6

    Real faith is costly. Abraham left his country, believed for his son of promise and bound him on the altar because he believed God. It cost him over and over but he was a friend of God. Rare faith in God!

    • Matilda you are special and beautiful, a treasure of our King, Your faith is an inspiration to me. It is I who owe you a debt of gratitude. We rarely see faith in young people but we want so much to encourage you as you walk with Jesus. You have a lifetime ahead of you. Each day, as you follow Him, commit yourself to listen to His voice alone and obey immediately. If you follow Him carefully you will have a full and abundant life. You will know the One who created you like few do and be an inspiration to all you encounter.

      You are a blessing Matilda just because you are alive. Thank you!

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