One of the greatest battles we fight with ‘self’ is over fear. Fear has such tremendous power to control, and eventually destroy us, but did you know that most fear is based on lies? Facing your fear is all about standing up to the illusions, guilt and manipulation satan throws at us to keep us in bondage and subjugation.

Understanding your enemy

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The father of lies deftly traffics in deception, and so keeps us perennially trapped in fear. This is by design for if we knew, and walked, in the power of faith and truth satan knows he would lose us as pawns forever. Today, you can see these lies continually as the media uses them to create fear and control every aspect of our lives. This is the tactic of the enemy.

Fear is bondage

Fear is such a simple tool for satan to use, for it requires little effort to lie and create the conditions whereby people voluntarily limit themselves. Once constrained by fear this bondage only tightens its grip over time. Like a python squeezing its prey, fear will constrict ever tighter, keeping us from moving in faith. Fear is the very antithesis of faith.

The unseen foe

Uncompromising Faith - Facing Your Fear - CockatooMany years ago our family had a pet cockatoo by the name of Idaho. She was an immensely sweet bird but was very fearful. One day I played the sound of a rain forest on the stereo. The room filled with sounds of birds, monkeys and insects. On hearing this sound Idaho, who had never been outdoors, immediately ran under the couch and hid. Her fear of the unknown was so great it caused her to react.

Even though Idaho could see nothing wrong in her world, her ears perceived a threat, so fear drove her to hide. Is it any different with us? When we see rioters on television, or people in masks do we not fear some unseen enemy and what it might do? Such is the power of fear controlling us. All the enemy needs to do is dangle a threat above our heads and we run like scared birds under the couch.

Facing your fear

What if I told you that the fear you face is an illusion; it’s not real? What would happen to your world if you faced down fear and refused to live by imagined threats, but instead chose a deliberate faith? How would that affect how you live?

Fear is a choice, just as faith is. When we live by fear, we believe that satan’s lies are factual and God’s provision and perfect power are an illusion. No amount of bold proclamations erases that reality. Are you ready to accept this when you allow yourself to be fearful? This is what we must accept if we live according to the lying dictates of fear.

Faith, however, is a choice to accept that God’s truth and power are fact and He is greater than any power on earth. When you deliberately follow God in obedience, you are facing your fear and calling satan’s bluff.  We experienced this firsthand in the wilderness as we lived our faith and faced fear head on.

In today’s podcast we discuss what facing fear and living by faith looks like. Won’t you join us as we choose faith over fear?


Homer and Wanda

Podchaser - Uncompromising Faith

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    1. Homer Les

      Thank you! Blessings to you!

  1. Dawn

    There are many times in life we have to face our fears and be courageous in Christ. Even now with the state of the world we have to choose to walk by faith. Thank you!

    1. Homer Les

      Amen! You are so welcome Dawn. Thank you for commenting. May our Father bless you from the abundance of His love today!

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