In the days leading up to President Trump’s crucifixion there was much speculation, theorizing and false hope that somehow what was going to happen wouldn’t happen. Many set their faith on man preventing the inevitable. We too longed, and prayed, that somehow President Trump would continue to serve his second term without interruption. But this hope was false. If, by some act of man, President Trump remained in office, we would have had faith in man, not God. In reality uncompromising faith means no safety net; no help from man is possible. All our hoped for plans must be dashed before resurrection can happen.

No safety net

Faith Means No Safety Net - CrossJumping into the unknown is strange to us. We want the assurance that someone, some person or system, will catch us. We want what we can see to protect us from what might happen. But when we place our faith in mere mortals, we will always be betrayed and disappointed, for they have no power to save us. To trust in a God we cannot see or touch is hard. He is invisible, and so we do not automatically trust Him. Only when we have come to the end of ourselves do we cry out in desperation, “Save us.” This is the point of the crucifixion.

Faith means no safety net but God.

The nature of any crucifixion means that we will, as humans, do anything we can to avoid it.  Even Jesus asked that His cup be removed from Him, yet He surrendered to the Father’s will. Yes, it was the Father’s will that Jesus died. Though His disciples could not understand it and faced the agony of loss, Jesus completed His final task. So did President Trump. Both faced the ignominy and illegality of their crucifixion with grace and dignity. We, however, have to face the death of false hope and decide where our faith will be.

Our loss

Having experienced our own crucifixion, with far less dignity and grace, has given us a unique perspective on what God is doing. Like most, we feel the great sadness and anger of what has just happened. Injustice is never a pretty thing. However, we understand what few have experienced. Resurrection is only because of God. By definition, this requires a complete and definitive end to what is hoped for, trusting only in God to bring it forth post factum.

Faith means no safety net, no back door, no plan B, no man we can turn to, except God.

When we were first locked out of housing in October 2011, our hopes for destiny were demolished. Walking through the field that cold day, our daughter, Ida, saw an angel placing a cross wherever we stopped to rest. God was telling us this was our crucifixion. Though it brought little comfort to our tired bodies, it told us one truth. When we face the end ourselves, we have only God to turn to. This lesson was hammered home to us, repeatedly, as we followed God in 3 ½ years of homelessness. Each step of our journey was without a safety net. We trusted only in God to provide our family with food, clothing, shelter and warmth.

Faith in God alone

When Jesus lived on earth, His disciples believed He would tear down the brutal rule of Rome and the corrupt religious system that ruled Judea. He did neither and both conspired to destroy Him. However, within 40 years of Jesus’ death, all Jews were physically forced out of Israel. Rome itself was eventually destroyed. God has a much larger perspective that we do. His goal, however, was to bring people to faith and trust in Him alone, not man. The resurrection of Jesus was just such an act that only God could do.

Had President Trump stayed in power by his own hand, or if the military somehow stopped this illegal coup by progressive liberals, where would your faith be? Who would get the glory? It certainly wouldn’t be God. It is only in a crucifixion do we realize where we placed our trust. God will eventually deal with the pretenders currently in power, but what concerns God now is our faith. The safety net is gone. Do you trust God will do as He promised? This is the all important question every conservative, patriot and Christian must answer.

Genuine faith means the only safety net you have is God alone.

Where is your faith?

Where is your faith? Have you placed your trust in man and systems of man, or in God? This time of crucifixion, where many are reeling from the reality of how evil has taken out President Trump, is very confusing. What we thought would happen, didn’t. Facing mockery and derision, our faith is being tested to its core. I have even been labeled a false prophet for stating Trump will serve a second term. The derision is understandable, and I do not blame anyone for feeling betrayed. Anger is a natural part of grief. But what matters is whether our faith in man dies and faith in God grows.

Faith without a safety net is not an easy faith to have, but it is the faith God longs to build in us.

What God said

President Trump will serve a second term. Of this I am convinced, for the Lord Himself told me. Our experience in the wilderness forged such a deep trust in His word, His voice, and His promises that we trust Him far more than any man. Since God has spoken to us of this, it will happen. How it will happen, I cannot say. Our time with God has taught us to not speculate about how He accomplishes His will. We have been surprised too many times to count. Our faith is not in the safety net of man, but in the trustworthy God we serve.

The brutal surprise

While the world seems lost in a cesspool of insanity right now as progressive liberals and Chinese communists revel in their coup, take heart. God will upend the plans of evil in an unexpected and surprising way soon. Just as Noah’s Ark, Joseph’s release from prison, the Red Sea and the resurrection of Jesus were all brutal surprises to the enemy they will not be to people of faith. By holding to the Word of the Lord, we will see the triumph of God. Our faith, with no safety net, will be cemented in Jesus alone.


Homer and Wanda

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  1. Gary Fultz

    Every safety net but God Is at best a very temporary and ultimately a false net. I would hit the like button Homer but my computer never loads it. It just says “Loading”

    1. Homer Les

      Amen Gary! Thank you. May His blessings exponentially abound in your life.

  2. StainedbytheSpirit

    Romans 8:28 KJV “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”….if GOD says it will be it WILL! Done deal! Hold fast and wait on GOD! GOD BLESS you guys!

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you so much! Blessings to you too!

    2. Susan Morgan

      Amen, of this scripture, Romans 8:28, is so true. ♡

  3. Chelsea

    Our hope is built on nothing less, THAN JESUS BLOOD AND RIGHTEOUSNESS! He’s alive!

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