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In Matthew 4:19 Jesus called to some men and said “Follow Me [as My disciples, accepting Me as your Master and Teacher and walking the same path of life that I walk], and I will make you fishers of men.” Since then, many have taken up that call and have understood the sacrifice required.

Golani Junction Tree

In 2008, before our long slide into destitution, our family traveled to Israel. Our guide showed us many sites, but one of my favorites occurred on our first day. West of Tiberias is a small forest where a significant battle happened early in Israel’s history. The place is Golani Junction and here God began to teach us about war.

As we toured the grounds with the monuments and equipment our guide pointed out Hebrew lettering and told us what it meant. The Hebrew word was אחריי (bo ah-kha-RAH-ee) or ‘follow me.’ Through our guide, God was teaching us a lesson.

As a former soldier our guide knew a good deal about the army, wars and death. What we learned from him was that IDF commanders always lead from the front. They are taught to go before their soldiers and be an example. When they go into battle, they always say  אחריי (bo ah-kha-RAH-ee) or ‘follow me.’ The commanders then expect their men to follow them into the fight.

Golani Junction Flag

These are the same words Jesus used to call His disciples. As the IDF commanders go first, so has Jesus gone before us. God always leads from the front. Now we all applaud what Jesus has done but forget that He is calling us to also ‘follow Me’.

Many think ‘follow me’ is a quaint notion of just going to church, praying and reading the Bible but this is not what Jesus is calling us to.

‘Follow Me’ is a direct command that requires prompt, active and complete obedience to the commander’s will.

We are expected to fight ‘self’ and satan; actively following God’s lead. What few understand is that unless we follow Him completely in obedience, we are at risk of being overrun by the enemy.

Our family learned long ago that we are in a war with darkness. We understood the cry of the Lord and hearkened to the call of ‘follow me’. Today He is calling you to follow Him, will you?


Homer and Wanda

12 thoughts on “Follow Me!

  1. Thanks Homer. Following Jesus is definitely an act of obedience. We must do what He says and not just be a Christian in name only. Laying down our own will for His will is a must.

  2. What a cool insight into a text we can easily take for granted. We are certainly in the midst of a great spiritual battle and we desperately need to deny self and follow God. Thanks for the reminder!

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