These are our

Wanda and I are simply 2 sojourners on the path of faith. Our testimony is like many others who have walked before us and those that will walk after us. For those that journey with us we offer you a link so you can connect and be blessed by what God has given them. We are thankful for the blessing that they are to us and to God!

America’s Altar is dedicated to calling forth God’s people to humility, repentance and to seek His face at this time. As nations are being overrun by darkness America’s Altar stands as a beacon to those that want more of God and are prepared to follow Him no matter what.

A beautiful member of the Bride of Christ Christine brings forth powerful truth in her books and writings. Unwavering in truth, wise in the ways of God and a very gifted writer. Be blessed by what God has given her for the Body.

We have been connected with Nita Johnson, Ricci Wilson and World For Jesus over 20 years. Committed to bringing forth the prophetic word from God World For Jesus ministries is a beacon of truth in these dark days. We have been tremendously blessed by these wonderful people.

Words cannot do justice to the blessing that Anna Rountree has been to our family through her writings and letters. This blessed sister has written Heaven Awaits The Bride which has been of utmost importance to us in our journey of faith.

Aspiring singer, writer, friend to those who passionately pursue Jesus, this is the Janet we know. She hails from Cameroon and we are collaborating on the work the Lord has set before us. We encourage you to get to know our sister better and bless her as she has blessed us!