Over the past few days God has been giving us dreams and visions about what is coming very soon, personally and for the church. What we have been seeing is exciting for the Bride but sobering for believers. From what we can see, God will shake His people soon. The shaking, for those that submit, will remove everything from the believer’s life that does not come from God.

The Feast of Tabernacles

Uncompromising Faith - God Will Shake His People - Fallen column at Beit SheanFor the past number of years God has been teaching our family about the importance of His feasts. There are three main feasts that coincide with the three stages of spiritual growth as we go from spiritual child to spiritual adult. Passover coincides with Stage 1. Pentecost coincides with Stage 2 and Sukkot coincides with Stage 3. The most important one to us, and to the world, is the Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot, which starts on October 14 this year.

Tabernacles is the fall festival focused on the Hebrews sojourn in the wilderness when they fled Egypt. Many Jews celebrate this festival by building 3 sided booths outside and sleeping in them during the festival. During their wanderings God desired to become intimate with His people and even instituted a marriage covenant with them at Sinai (Jeremiah 2:2). He instituted Tabernacles as a yearly reminder of how important intimacy with God is.

The Feast of Tabernacles points to a literal dwelling with God.

God will shake His people to remove 'self'

In the fall of 2011, shortly after we became homeless, we spent the season of Tabernacles living under a tarp deep in the woods of Eastern P.E.I., Canada. Our 40 day sojourn in the woods baptized us into an understanding of this festival we will never forget. The shaking we endured over the next 40 months was to remove our ‘self’ nature and drive us into complete dependence on God. God is very serious about eliminating everything in us that would prevent our full fellowship with Jesus. Now that we are nearing the end of this journey, we are enduring one last shake before we leave the motel room and wilderness for good.

This has been the major theme of God’s words to us lately.

But in the much bigger picture God is about to shake many believers out of their comfort zones. Our dear sister Christine Beadsworth of Fresh Oil Releases sent out a timely post called What Cannot Be Shaken. She speaks of the great shaking coming to the body of Christ as God uproots the church and shakes the ‘self’ nature out of it. I urge you to read this important word for the Body.

The Will Group dream

Another dear sister from South Africa sent us this email yesterday where she shared a significant dream God gave her.

A young group called “The Will group” was traveling just behind me. I saw an elderly lady with dark hair trying to be young doing all kinds of dangerous moves on the front of a sort of float they were traveling on. She was doing all kinds of stunts and swinging wildly between the front of the float and the ground showing off her expertize. Almost like a cheerleader and she was impressed with herself.  As I watched I was very aware of them and kept out of their way as they were quite a dangerous lot.

I thought, “this elderly lady can get hurt as she was up front and at a very dangerous point swinging around and trying to act young and full of life which she lacked”. Watching, I stayed away from them. There was another bus just behind them and I traveled on the opposite side staying clear of them. It was clear they will overrun anyone in their way as they could not help it because they could not see another small seemingly insignificant traveler because they were sitting too high up on their vehicles.

The great falling away


As we got to the location where the road ended this group fell from the float and scattered. It looked like a group of 7 or 8 including the elderly lady. On the road there they seemed to be in control but as they got there, right at the end they fell from their float during an act which they could not perform. They were upset.

I then saw the bride was ready to be taken across the river on top of a boat / float.  And a voice said to me “I am not concerned about the Bride, she is ready…. however. this young “The Will group” wanting to take her across is inexperienced and can I trust them?

The warning

These signs confirm a much larger pattern we have seen and heard for some time. In these last days God will shake His church so He can remove anything not of Him. God will bring those that submit to the shaking into Bridal union with the Beloved. Those who do not submit will fall away. No believer will be able to avoid the shaking God is bringing forth.

I urge you to heed this warning. From Sukkot 2019 onward God is changing how He deals with His people. God will shake His people for their own protection, well-being and safety. In the coming days we will not be safe if we have ‘self’ in us. Everything that does not come from God must be purged. His shaking will allow believers to be set free of ‘self’ and to draw ever closer to Jesus. The time for spiritual games is over. If we do not take serious, the lessons He is bringing, we will suffer great loss. Listen to Jesus and obey His every word.


Homer and Wanda

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  1. The remnant all over the earth are hearing the same thing. And even for those of us who have been following hard after Him, the final shaking must come. How glorious to know that after that whatever remains will give Him undiluted glory and honor.

    The Will group in this dream interests me. Trustworthiness is what the final shaking will determine. I hear the Godhead discussing, “Can we send them?. Can we trust them to bear the full weight of responsibility for this transition season? When the waters roar and foam, will they abandon ship and save their own necks or will they lay down their lives for My Bride?” These must be the mature manhood company, who come forth fresh from their wilderness of preparation. No wonder the final testing is necessary. Will they operate in pride like the busload, or will they draw attention to themselves like the float that must be dismantled?…. Sift, sift, sift, only the ones crushed smallest will be chosen to fulfill this assignment. Those too big for their boots will remain in the sieve for further crushing…. Only two handfuls of incense crushed EXTRA FINE get carried into the Holy of Holies for their fragrance to fill the arena of the glory of His manifest Presence.

    1. Homer Les

      Amen! Thank you Christine.

      May His best be yours today!

  2. Dawn

    Thanks Homer and Wanda. This is encouraging to hear. The days we are now living in show that you have to be for Christ or against Him. There is no in between.

    1. Homer Les

      You are very welcome our dear sister! May we all choose wisely.

      May He fill your life with blessings today!

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