Hidden Faith

“Scientists have found a trove of “super-deep” diamonds from hundreds of miles below the Earth’s surface.

The diamonds were found in the Juina area of Brazil and likely came from a depth of 255 miles to 410 miles, according to an international team of researchers.  A volcanic eruption brought the rocks to the surface, The Independent reports.” – © Fox News

Sometimes I am dense; I mean, diamond dense. Saw this news item yesterday and thought nothing of it other than it was interesting. Maybe it was the fact that our family was going through a spiritual whirlwind or that I was my typical dense self. Either way, I missed the obvious. God was giving us a lesson, and I missed it.

In the past 72 hours God has tested our faith yet again. Although our homelessness has ended, the life of faith never ends. It is far too exciting. This time we faced a very interesting choice. We cannot share the details, but for many it would be a shocking decision. For us, not so much. In walking with God through the wilderness, we learned such life altering decisions to be normal, run of the mill, events.

After we had made our decision life continued. We are at peace. God is pleased for we have been blessed in interesting ways; encountering new people on this blog and having very satisfying conversations. Sharing what God has revealed in our wilderness journey has been wonderful.

Then Wanda and I went for an afternoon walk. God spoke. Not an audible voice, just a thought. Out of the blue. Straight into my spirit. He reminded me of the news article about the diamonds and I knew at once what He was saying.

When we walk in faith so little of the decisions we make, and actions we take, are visible to others. They are hidden deep in our spirit. We may not even be aware when we are deciding for faith. Jesus is so subtle and humble that we often miss His moves. But He watches, waits, and builds faith in us. Each act of obedience to His will through pressure and heat is creating something magnificent inside.

Over time we often forget these steps of faith until one day an eruption occurs. An act or event which brings our faith to the surface. Once tested in the fire our faith is no longer forming, but formed. Our character has changed. We are not who we once were but different; made in His image. What comes forth is a sight to behold.

These are the precious diamonds of faith that come from deep within the bowels of our spirit. The treasure God wants to bring to the world. Yes, they are ugly rocks to a natural man but to those hungry for Jesus our faith is a precious gem. Faith is not to be hidden but exposed.

We are to live our faith before others so they know Jesus to be real, because He is.

As you obey Jesus today, your faith is growing. Keep walking in obedience and those diamonds will someday be huge. The spiritual riches formed in you will bless many.


Homer and Wanda

2 thoughts on “Hidden Faith

  1. When we go through tough trials, the pressure of those tribulations make us into diamonds for the Lord. When a coal gets trapped deep inside the earth, the great pressure within transforms the coal into a beautiful diamond. The process is slow but constant. I think it’s also a process of metamorphosis.

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