The nations are groaning, burdened under a great weight. Can you hear it?  Corrupt politicians, business people, celebrities, moguls and people in power, both large and small, have loaded society with severe injustice that has nearly broken the will of people. You may not be aware of it, but this injustice also touches you. Yes, you. And if we pursue Jesus in faith, that injustice only gets worse. Yes, worse. But we have news for you. Justice will return and it will return soon.

The injustice of the crucifixion

Uncompromising Faith - Justice Will Return - Golden GavelWhen our family lost everything our hearts groaned within. The injustice of what happened lay like a large heavy stone over our hearts that we could not remove. The ache and pain of loss relentlessly gnawed away at our emotions. There was no comfort then, only brutal reality that pulsed like a migraine across our spirits. This is what crucifixions are like.

When we think about Jesus and His crucifixion we, generally, do not consider the great injustice inflicted upon Him. Often we only consider what we gain from His death and not what He endured. But what about that injustice Jesus endured? What was it like to lose absolutely everything, stripped of even clothing, then to be mercilessly beaten and hung on a cross like a common criminal? Why is this grave injustice so important to His story?

The necessity of injustice

To grasp the necessity of injustice, we first must understand that justice is at the core of who God is. Justice is the right balancing of all things. Everything correctly aligned to the Father. Anything not in line with His proper order is inevitably unjust. When injustice happens, God must intervene so justice will return.

Remember Job? Here was the finest man in all the earth, and God brought him to satan’s attention. Why? Even though Job was a fine man who loved God he still had ‘self’ in him. ‘Self’ by nature is opposed to God and needs to be exposed and repented of. God had a plan to expose ‘self’ in Job, but it required a test. The Father turned to His expert blacksmith, satan, to blow upon the coals of Job’s life and take away all that he had.

The story of Job does not end with the loss of everything.

We read that after Job had suffered, mostly from his ‘friends’, God spoke to Him and gave Him a lesson in justice (Job 38, 39). Job repented of his words (Job 40:4-5). He gave up ‘self’. The injustice inflicted upon him had done its proper work. After Job repented God restored his wealth. The message is clear, we can only appreciate justice after we have experienced injustice.

Exposing 'self'

The picture cannot be more clear, God will allow injustice in a believer’s life to expose ‘self’ however, if the believer repents justice will return. This is the reason we have the book of Job in the Bible. Jesus‘ death and resurrection are also our prime example, as He suffered so shall we. When we go through the wilderness, we will experience grave injustice.
Injustice is required before we can appreciate the restoration of justice.
The return of justice is the hope we clung to desperately as we wandered through years of homelessness and deprivation. It is the hope we cling to even now as we watch in fascination God restoring justice to the earth on a global scale. This is the hope we want you to have as you too experience loss during the life of faith. These trials are only temporary. If we yield our will to Jesus, this injustice will roll over us, squeezing out the vestiges of ‘self’ that remain within. After the purging of our spirit core by the cleansing of the Holy Spirit, we will see justice return to us if we persevere.

The restoration of justice

As we see the world heaving under the heavy yoke of injustice, remember God will restore justice as He always does. Though we may suffer for a time under injustice God corrects the scales to bring right order to our world. This is not by accident, but by design. God has allowed His people to suffer, as He did the Jews in Egypt, only to free them from injustice so they could become His people. We are seeing this unfold in our world today. This is our testimony before you.

The season of corrupt officials dominating and subjugating people with egregious overreach and silly dictates is ending… for a time. During this reprieve we must pursue God in faith. He is lifting the yoke of slavery so we will be free to pursue Him. Do not waste this opportunity but reach out in faith while He may yet be found. Seek Him with your whole heart, mind and soul so that justice, and the freedom it brings, may reign long in your life.


Homer and Wanda

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  1. StainedbytheSpirit

    I love your and they are always an inspiration. God Bless and have a wonderful week!

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you so much. Have missed your posts! Praying all is well. Blessings to you, your hubby and the cats. 🙂

      1. StainedbytheSpirit

        Hi Homer all is going ok…some rough patches but getting there day by day! God Bless you guys!

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