Wilderness (270 pages)


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“Follow me”, said Jesus, but how?

Wilderness is a modern Pilgrim’s Progress. A true story of how one family dared to follow Jesus on the path of ancient faith. This gripping testimony is a modern roadmap for believers to navigate the wilderness and find their Celestial City.

Wilderness lays bare the unfamiliar path of uncompromising faith which modern man has long forgotten. In captivating detail, Homer Les and Wanda Ring reveal the truth of what following Jesus looks like in our world. From modern suburbia to the valley of despair, their family was lashed by storms that ripped away familiar foundations and cast them adrift on the sea of humanity. Over many long days and sleepless nights, God protected them in the lifeboat of faith. Despite tragic loss and trauma, their wit and humor shines through the raw emotion, a triumph of Spirit in their incredible journey.
Wilderness is for the seeker, the God chaser, longing for the path to a deeper and more intimate relationship with their Creator. Pioneers of faith have always gone before and cleared the path for you to follow. Even as your world shakes, there is a way forward. Where the story of Homer Les and Wanda Ring ends, may yours begin.

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