Uncompromising Faith - Set Your Face Like A Flint - Flint ArrowheadThe suffering satan has unleashed on the earth is beyond dispute. The enemy has ravaged many with brutal lockdowns, excessive government overreach and social control. How are you holding up? Has the suffering and hardship you are enduring been overwhelming? Do you know that you can set your face like a flint against these trials and be victorious?

We want to bring you some wisdom from our vault of experience. There is value in the suffering we endure and a great lesson to be learned for this time. Jesus is calling you to set your face like a flint and allow Him to strengthen and harden you to difficulty.

Podchaser - Uncompromising Faith

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  1. Thank you for this reminder. Perseverance and endurance are key right now.
    lots of love to u 4

  2. Precious One

    Finally got a chance to listen and your voice sounded just as I imagined when reading your posts…it was like a friend sharing their heart.

    That being said, this podcast hit home for me, especially when you share that Jesus set His face like a flint and so should we. Verses 7-10 of that passage wrapped itself around me like a blanket I had to call a friend to celebrate. His Word is so sweet! Looking forward to other podcasts.

    Ps: My face lit up when you said PE Island. For the past few weeks I’ve been reading the series of Anne of Green Gables and have been desiring to visit the famous Prince Edward Island.

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you Deandra. Your encouragement means more to us than I can properly convey. I have to admit this whole podcast thing hit us out of the blue. I will write a blog about what happened later. All I can say it is God behind this as I had no thought or plan to bring this out. All I can say is the response has been overwhelming. I never thought anyone would like to hear me speak.

      Anyways God is moving us in a new direction. Along with the podcast we are also putting them to video. Look for those to come on Youtube (https://bit.ly/3harmjb) and Vimeo. I am still wrapping my head around this so the production quality can only improve. 🙂

      Yes, my dear sister, His word is so sweet because He is sweet! I am so thankful for His beautiful example that helps us understand just what this life of faith is all about. It isn’t easy but if we endure to the end the reward is amazing!

      You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t join you on PEI. 😉 It is a beautiful land but the people there are not as Lucy Maud portrays them to be.

      As always we pray the Father’s deep love to wrap around you like the warmest of blankets and may His rich blessing fill you with warmth from within!

  3. Homer Les

    Thank you so much Christine. Much is happening in our world and it often feels like waves coming in. Some days are wonderful and others are just awful. We certainly are at a crossroads.

    Blessings to you and your fam!

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