For the past several years, God has allowed a great shaking to occur all over the earth. The once green tinder has grown dry as evil runs rampant. Comfort has left and many are trying to find a firm footing in this ever-changing world. For those wondering what is going on and what will happen next, this post is for you. God is about to divide the earth and now is your time to choose.

Prophetic Pioneers

Splitting the Adam: A Time to ChooseAs prophetic pioneers, the experiences of our family are a living parable of what God is doing with His people. For those not familiar with us, we are a simple family of four that left home and business in 2007 to seek a new life in the Maritimes of Canada. Once we arrived, things turned from bad to worse until we ran out of money, found ourselves destitute, then homeless. For 6 years we wandered about, being led by the Spirit of God and learning lessons of faith. For the past 4 ½ years, God has sequestered us in a small motel room where He is slowing restoring us and honing our faith

Falling into the hands of man

Like many believers, we did not see the wilderness before us. It was only in our last two years in P.E.I. when God allowed us to fall into the hands of man that we began to have our eyes opened. Satan buffeted us before throwing us out into the cold on a chilly October day in 2011. During this chaotic time, our world broke apart, and we did not know which way was up. Many people can relate to what we endured 10 years ago because they are now facing that same chaos. As the world spirals down into tyranny and confusion, it is hard to make sense of what is going on.

When comfort leaves

In our little blue house, as enemy after enemy came against us, we were desperate for an answer from God, but none came. Comfort was nonexistent as we faced increasing hunger from lack of food, tribulation from medical issues, and hardship with just trying to live in a building without power. Making sense of what was going on wouldn’t come for many, many months. In this place, all we could do was hold on and wait to see what God would do.

This was the real beginning of our journey into uncompromised faith.

The glorious Bride

Perhaps you, your family, or someone you know is facing such uncertainty and trial. You may despair, even of life itself, as the hordes of hell push their evil agenda. But to think that the devil will win is not the right answer. God Himself has allowed this onslaught, and He has a simple reason for that.

From before the foundation of the world, Jesus has been looking for a holy Bride who will stand with Him for eternity.

Throughout history, there have been a few who stand out as forerunners in faith, but even these did not fulfill their whole destiny as His Bride. Why? Because they were waiting for us, for this generation, to enter the Bridal union with Jesus. This glorious Bride will stand in His Holiness, His Glory and His Justice, showing the world that God can create in man and woman the character of Jesus. Not through their own strength or ‘self’, but by surrendering all of who they are to Jesus.

Contracted by pressure and affliction

But how is Jesus to create in believers His character unless they are rid of the mixture and ‘self’ we all have? There is only one path to that destination, and that is through the wilderness. To enter the wilderness is a hard task, for the way is narrow and contracted by pressure and affliction. For this reason, God has allowed the smith to blow upon the coals of fire and bring about the widespread pressure and affliction we see in the world today. God is shaking people so they can see the wilderness before them and the chance to escape the hell those in power want for all people.

God is giving you, and the world, an invitation to enter His wilderness, to be trained by His Spirit to become the Bride of Jesus.

Faith or Fear

To be sure, few will see what is happening as an invitation to a glorious future with Jesus. If you are like how we were in P.E.I., all you will see is the hardship, difficulty and lack before you. It is in this place where you must reach inside yourself and decide what side you want to be on. Faith or fear. This will not be easy, but no one will escape having to make this decision.

For most of the world, these past two years have been nothing but hell unleashed and they simply want to go back to what they once knew. The trouble is the old is gone and will not come back. A few will try to ignore this reality and will try to keep up the appearance of normality. Some will delight in this new chaos and tyranny and will actively promote it. Some will try to find a new path forward, creating new communities based on relationships. Others will simply give up and drown themselves in addictions and maybe, suicide.

The shaking

Regardless of what you believe will happen, nothing you do can change what is coming next. A few years ago, we posted a blog called God Will Shake His People. In there, we discussed the shaking that God would bring on the whole earth. That shaking is here. Now God is letting us know that something new is on the horizon. The shaking will soon stop, as something far more serious is about to occur.

The purpose of the past two years has been to shake people free from what they have hidden deep within their souls.

It has exposed the faithlessness in the church, the inability to stand against tyranny, and the paralysis of fear that has gripped believers. This trial has exposed ‘self’ in God’s people en masse. Those who should be fearless in Christ are seeing the craving cowardice within themselves as God shakes His people.

Uncomfortable choices

But once one sees the depth of depravity of ‘self’ within, what is there to do? The believer must make a choice. Will they continue with their ‘self’ filled ways or will they repent? This decision is what many have to face, just like our family did in the wilderness. It is not an easy choice, but one God will not allow us to escape. We are at the pivotal point in history when all people will have to make this uncomfortable choice.

The time to choose where we want to spend eternity is now.

Splitting Adams

We are at the time when most of the decisions, for or against the wilderness, have already been made. People are solidifying in their positions. Now God has spoken to us personally, and His prophets that have confirmed His words. God is about to move in a very significant way. In a supernatural and divine act, Jesus will split those that desire the ways and pleasures of ‘self’ in the world from those that will not bow down to satan and his minions. We cannot say when this will happen or what it will look like. All we can say is that Jesus has been preparing for this division for a very long time.

Justice will roll over the earth

What our family experienced with a terrible shaking before our homelessness is exactly what is going on in the world now. Just as we faced one special day when we were cast completely into God’s care and thrown out into the cold, so too the world will face a similar experience. As the tyrants seek to silence and destroy those that refuse to comply with their dictates, God will answer them. In one stroke, He will silence the evil tongues and make the entire world know who He has chosen for His own. 

His remnant, who have been waiting for His Justice to roll over the earth, will finally see their redemption.

Divine deliverance

The time for this supernatural act of divine deliverance is coming soon. While there is still time, you can repent of ‘self’ and turn in faith to God. The reward is Jesus, with the fullness of His character, spiritual maturity and intimacy with our Beloved King. For those that choose Jesus now, to embrace Him fully as Lord, there will be Light in the coming days. For those that choose for the same ole and ‘self’ will only see the darkness around them increasing. This is what God has shown us and we are testifying to you. We pray you use this time to choose wisely.


Homer and Wanda

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  1. Gary Fultz

    I see much of what your write about happening Homer. God has always been careful to preserve a remnant. I do know about uncomfortable choices but they are way different than what you have had to make. In the woods where we live, I have chosen to help neighbors even when they have a low wood pile and are lazy. Even when they have Covid. My choice. Fear and following man made rules has never been much of a part of my life and that is God’s doing. I suspect I may be tested on that at some point. we each have our roles to play here and they may even seem to contradict each other sometimes…God sorts those things out. I know a couple called to riches and given the gifts of discernment in that arena. I am not in that arena.

    1. Homer Les

      It is good to hear from you Gary. Thank you for this comment. Like you we have chosen to help others too, even when they are ungrateful or too drugged out to appreciate the help. Civility and kindness are becoming rare commodities these days so what we can do to spread the love Jesus has given us is important. Know that your God is watching over you and your family. Any testings that may come will be tailor made for you to endure, and redemptive in nature. As the world polarizes more and more it will be difficult for many, but not impossible to navigate as long as we stay close to Jesus. Therein lies our hope and faith for He never fails to provide for, and guide, His own. As long as we stay in faith, endure to the end, and follow His lead wherever it takes us then our reward is sure. May God bless you and yours abundantly this year Gary, even with the minus 30 temps you are having. Oh, and never stop looking for those lavender mornings. They are a gift from heaven we all need to see and appreciate.


      Homer and Wanda

  2. Dee

    After reading this word from home, my prayer for us all is that we will after all is said and done, stand firmly upon the Rock of Christ our Lord. Blessings to you always, Homer and Wanda 🙏🏾

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