Step Out of the Boat

Close your eyes for a moment, imagine this scene in the boat with the disciples, and answer this question. What is the most important message in this whole passage of Scripture? Did you think, “O you of little faith”? If you did, you are not alone.

Many believers focus only on the words of Jesus to Peter and miss the rest. In focusing on Peter’s faltering steps we miss the most amazing element of the story.

As a fisherman, Peter knew how cruel the sea was. He probably lost friends and relatives to drowning and heard of others who died. He was also very aware any storm could swamp the little fishing boat and take the lives of the occupants. Peter was well acquainted with death.

Yet in the middle of a storm, seeing a figure on the water, Peter stepped out of the boat.

Think on that. No other disciple got out of the boat, only Peter. How many of us, if we were in a storm tossed boat in the middle of the night, would do the same? We need to stop thinking Peter had little faith and wonder why our faith isn’t big enough to get us out of the boat.

Doubt is a part of faith as much as breathing is a part of life. When we walk in faith, we will face doubt. The problem isn’t doubt while walking in faith, but simply walking in faith to begin with.

Our focus is wrong. We need to face the fact that we are not willing to step out in faith.

Faith isn’t about rational and careful thought. Faith isn’t about assessing the odds and calculating the risk. Faith isn’t about doubt and making mistakes. Faith is about getting out of the boat.

When will we begin passionately following our Beloved and stop at nothing to be with Him like Peter did? When will we realize that Jesus is waiting for us to step out in faith first?  What is the worse that will happen if we do? That He will catch us if we doubt?

We have only one simple question for you. When are you going to step out of the boat?


Homer and Wanda

9 thoughts on “Step Out of the Boat

  1. You know, I was thinking about what it would be like to be summoned out on the water. Peter had seen so very many miracles. He knew that nothing was impossible for Jesus. While his eyes, his heart, were fixed on Jesus, he could walk on water. His focus was on the spiritual truth of His Master’s ability. It was when his eyes went to the earthly circumstances and himself that his faith faded.

    I want to walk on water.

    Lord,I am no different than Peter, unless you prepare me to keep my eyes on You no matter what is going on around me. You are still the God of the miraculous! I ask for each of us. Establish us so firmly in who YOU are, and YOUR ability that a storm can not cause us to take our eyes off Your face or cause us to look at ourselves and lose confidence.

    • AMEN!!! So awesome! We are both so pleased. May you find in Him that place of rest and healing He so desperately wants to give you. We stand in faith with you. 🙂

      Blessings and love,
      Homer and Wanda

  2. God bless you Greatly and honor your choice, GodHappenedToME. You are not alone in this journey of abandoned faith. He delights to manifest His power and love to you through that gateway of total reliance on Him . Awesome.

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