We are but blind beggars stumbling around in the light of day, not knowing which way to go. Such is the life of those that walk in their ‘self’ made pride. God beckons us to buy from Him that which would heal our eyes and bring back vision. His healing ointment is humility which is what we need that we may see.

Blinded by pride

Uncompromising Faith - That You May See - Lamb

At birth we were all given a ‘self’ nature by satan. His devious and deceptive goal was to corrupt the very heart of God’s creation; the very creatures designed to reciprocate His love. From that moment mankind has been blinded by this parasite as it seeks only to please itself, and kill its enemy, spirit.

If we nurture ‘self’ we will fall away from faith and become more selfish. If we nurture ‘spirit’ we grow into maturity.

The battle for supremacy is long and hard. Each and every day we must make deliberate, purposeful choices to grow our spirit and deny ‘self’. Our Commander-in-Chief is none other than Jesus, who guides us on this path. His nature is lowly, loving, tender and forgiving. As we follow, and become like Jesus, the immense power of humility strikes a death blow to the ‘self’ within.

The nature of humility

In Revelation 3:18 we read

Therefore, I counsel you to purchase from Me gold refined and tested by fire, that you may be [truly] wealthy, and white clothes to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nudity from being seen, and salve to put on your eyes, that you may see.

The eye salve Jesus is offering us is His very nature of humility. It is only when we clothe ourselves with Jesus will we truly have sight.

In this podcast we bring some of this balm to those that would listen. Unveiling the Lamb of God as the humble Lord who teaches us how to win the battle with ‘self’ and remove the plank that makes us blind. Our deep understanding of the wilderness will help you understand just how important the nature of humility is in this journey of uncompromising faith. We hope you will find the truth that you may see.


Homer and Wanda

Podchaser - Uncompromising Faith

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  1. Kimberly McBride

    Thank you so much for these words. We are blind to ourselves but I know the Lord is faithful to show us. It goes so deep and he uses people and circumstances to bring out what we don’t know is there. I’m recently having that painful experience. Wanda what you said about hypocrisy, the Lord will clean us and make us holy with a single eye. Instead of trying to gain the approval of others. That’s what ananias and Saphira did they wanted people to think they were something they were not. And how often I do that myself without even knowing it until the Lord takes the the lid off. I have been isolated for several years now but with each contact with others it comes to light. And all we can do is come before him in deep humility and repent. He is faithful to complete the work He began in us ( me ). We, (I) just have to put myself on the altar and say YES, do it Lord. Whatever it takes. Even my reply to social media posts such as this can be tinged with VAIN GLORY !
    Thank you for your words.

    1. Homer Les

      You are so very welcome Kimberly. The one great delight we have is that the season of intense surgery is just that, a season. After that intense work we get the blessing of free and unencumbered intimacy with our Beloved. Stay the course dear sister and in due time Jesus will bring you forth as refined gold. May He hasten that day!

      May He add to your blessings the intimacy of His fellowship.

  2. Dawn

    Humility is so important. Without it we can’t learn and grow in Christ. May we as Christians keep growing in humility. Thanks Homer and Wanda!

    1. Homer Les

      You are so welcome Dawn! May His blessings fill all the containers in your home with love overflowing.

      1. Dawn

        Thank you!

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