The Beginning

Our story of uncompromising faith begins like many many do. We were a couple living in middle class suburbia with a home, a car and our two daughters. We knew little of the journey of faith…

The House
By 2003 our house was finished and we took a much needed rest.
A Place for Prayer
With more sweat and effort the back yard was complete. A place for quiet reflection, Wanda's gazebo was perfect for prayer.
A Place for Quiet Reflection
There was even a soothing waterfall to block out road noise.
A Paradise with Friends
This was the paradise we shared with our birdy friends; Colors, Cordi, Destiny and Lennie-girl
The Prophetic Wedding
With God leading, the stage was set for our wedding renewal in 2003. This was our prophetic picture of Jesus wedding His Bride.
The Journey Begins
Our journey of faith was about to change. God was leading us far from our paradise to a new home. Long lonely roads lay ahead.
The Little Blue House
We finally arrived at our destination; the little blue house on P.E.I. The steps of faith we had taken had led us to the unfamiliar.
Downward Spiral
The beauty of the island was a beguiling mask for what lay beneath. The descent into the depths had begun.
Faithful Friends
Thankfully God gave us two friends to accompany us on our journey. These are our canine companions, Patches and Milo.
Clouds of Hardship
Walking to the Internet site was a favorite past time as the ominous clouds of hardship began to circle around. This soon would become the picture of our lives.

From here our journey of uncompromising faith took a turn none of us expected. God was about to lead us into trials that are difficult to even imagine. Homelessness, hardship and hunger would be our faithful companions over the next 40 months. There would be 82 moves over three provinces as we constantly followed Jesus. Facing bitter cold, baking heat, death threats, violence, fear and loss we never gave up following God. Through it all we stayed together as a family and learned the meaning of uncompromising faith.

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