But He Himself withdrew [in retirement] to the wilderness (desert) and prayed.” Luke 5:16.
In the presence of Jesus is the breath of Life. We will find no sweeter sustenance for our soul than in His Words.

Conversations with God

Uncompromising Faith - The Breath of Life - Bird in WinterOne of the beautiful aspects of drawing close to the Father is that in His presence is the rarefied air of truth and love; the breath of Life. When we draw close to Him and breathe in the sweet fragrance of Jesus, there is a cleansing power not found on earth. As we spend time with God, His breath of Life invigorates and enlivens our spirits.

When our family became destitute and homeless, our time alone with God became our most valuable and treasured possession. We spent many hours talking with God and with each other about the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. There were times of deep desperation as we grappled with understanding how He was putting our ‘self’ nature to death. Other times we rejoiced, celebrating and grateful over receiving food, a bed or some small comfort. Most of the time, we just sat in His presence and learned.

The wilderness is designed to teach us how to lean on our Beloved, to inhale the breath of Life.

The breath of Life

As a new bride adjusts to her new husband, we too learn how to live with Jesus daily; laying our lives down for Him. This isn’t something taught in church because so few, almost zero, ever experience an intimate relationship with Jesus. Since almost no one will give up their all to follow Jesus, one must learn by trial and error what intimacy with God is like.

After many years, we have acclimated to intimacy with Jesus and depending on our Beloved for Life. When He began to lead us back into contact with others, the progress has been slow and steady. Jesus has been gentle as we readjusted to the world again but the transition has not been easy. The shock of ‘self’ coming at us through the Internet over the past while has been overwhelming.

We needed to remove ourselves from the cesspool of ‘self’, just as Jesus did in Luke 5:16.

The cleansing power of His words

The Father drew us away for a concentrated time with our Beloved. A time to be refreshed by listening to the Father, remembering the relationship with our Beloved and inhaling His breath of Life.

As we heard His loving voice, sanity and truth swept away the detritus of ‘self’ that had accumulated on the doorstep of the house. His words swept the pithy lies and intellectualism, that so fill the Internet like dust, out the door. The windows of truth were once again flung open to breathe that wonderful air of His Spirit. His Light once again filling the dark corners.

Time spent with God isn’t a chore, an act, a burden or anything negative. Time with God is Life itself, we literally breathe in His Life.

If we cannot breathe in His presence into our own spirit, we will wither and die under the relentless words and actions of ‘self’ that come at us.

Every. Single. Day.

Today He is calling you to inhale the breath of Life; His life into yours. Have the trials, tribulations and monotony of ‘self’ become so overwhelming you need to withdraw to a quiet place to pray? Today, as He whispers your name do not ignore the call. Come to Him, lay your life before Him and be renewed as His breath of Life fills your empty house.


Homer and Wanda

Lies on the Internet

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  1. Beverley

    “Removing ourselves from the cesspool of self.” I like this phrase. I pray that our young people will be able to this. They are so self absorbed that they are missing out on the quality of life that God ordain for us.

    1. Homer Les

      Amen! Thank you for the comment.

      Blessings to you Beverley
      Homer and Wanda

  2. Dawn

    Jesus is truly our breath of Life. In Him all things are made new. You’re right that many in the church aren’t following Him closely. It’s sad because we are living in critical times where absolute intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ is needed to survive this unloving world.

    1. Homer Les

      Amen Dawn. We can do nothing but live as He has called us to, spread the word and pray. I do believe as the days get darker more will come to the truth and He will have a glorious Bride. Until then we wait and encourage each other as you have encouraged me. Thank you so much. May you be blessed by His intimate presence today.


      1. Dawn

        What you say reminds me of this verse…

        Philippians 3:16 NIV, “Only let us live up to what we have already attained.”

        Blessings to you Homer!

      2. Homer Les

        Amen! Yes!

  3. Precious One

    Oh I absolutely enjoyed this read! Thank You Lord for breathing life, giving hope….whew!

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you Precious One. Breathe deep and long. 🙂

      1. Precious One

        I just did too ????

  4. Janet

    “Time spent with God isn’t a chore, an act, a burden or anything negative. Time with God is Life itself, we literally breathe in His Life. ”
    Thank you for this reminder, Homer and Wanda. God bless.

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you so much Janet. So good to see you again! We miss you! Blessings to you dear sister.

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