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Uncompromising Faith - The Broken FenceGod likens our spirit to that of a garden with a strong fence. Like all gardens, we must tend and protect our spiritual garden from enemies bent on destroying what God is doing. If there is a broken fence around our spiritual life, satan will destroy the good fruit God is trying to grow.

The parable of the garden

The Broken Fence CabinA day after our escape from the little trailer where 3 drunks tried to kill us, God brought our homeless family to a cabin by French Lake just outside Fredericton, New Brunswick. The little cabin we stayed at was part of a lot owned by the co-pastor of the church that rescued our family. They lived in a large house and the cabin was just a short distance away in the horse paddock.

As part of our arrangement to live there for a time, we agreed to tend the little garden. I love soil and growing plants so Wanda and I looked forward to the exercise and the opportunity to be of service to our host.

The Broken Fence DiggingWanda and I worked long hours digging up manure and hauling it from their farm over to the lake lot where the garden was. Once there, we dutifully tilled the soil and incorporated the manure until the ground was ready for planting. When we finished, our host planted the seeds she had long been wanting to plant but lacked the proper plot to do so.

Oh deer

The Broken Fence DeerThere was one small item that bothered us as we worked though. As I looked over to the neighbor’s yard, I noticed a very tall chain-link fence around the whole garden. Curious, I asked our host why they needed a fence. She told us that the deer in the area often come and feast on the delectable greens if the garden is not well protected. Without a proper fence they destroy the plants before they can produce any fruit.

After this I looked at the pathetic orange mesh that surrounded her garden. The broken fence was little cared for and not reinforced. To enter the garden we just had to step over the meager barrier. We wondered if her garden was the next meal for hungry animals, and after a few weeks we had our answer. The deer walked over the broken fence and devastated the delicious greens. Our host wasted the work Wanda, and I performed because she did not put in the effort to protect the tender plants.

The broken fence is a lesson

The visual was a clear picture for us. Our spiritual life is a garden that we must tend but also protect. God puts a great amount of effort in nurturing the green shoots of spiritual maturity until they bear the wonderful fruit of righteousness.

We will lose His valuable work however, if our spiritual garden is surrounded by a broken fence.

The enemy we face comes from three directions, the enemy, the world and our own ‘self’ nature. Of these three the ‘self’ nature is the most insidious for it dwells within each of us like a Trojan Horse. Our ‘self’ knows every part of us and is hell bent on destroying any spiritual progress we make. To protect our garden, we cannot have a broken fence. We must reinforce the spirit within us with the tools God has given. These tools include humility, sacrifice, wisdom, gratitude, obedience and faith.

Protecting the garden

These tools, plus many others, will not only repair breaches in the fence but will reinforce the wall even further. At the same time these tools will also nurture our garden and the fruit of relationship with our Beloved. We cannot be passive in protecting our gardens with God. The enemy constantly prowls around (1 Peter 5:8) looking for any weakness he can exploit. We relax our diligence to our destruction.

A broken fence isn’t an accident, it is proof of neglect.

If we value our relationship with Jesus, we should fiercely protect our spiritual garden from all enemies. Our host did not value her garden as she said she did for she did nothing to protect it even though she was well aware of the threat. Our host wasted the valuable time and effort we put into her garden through her negligence. Likewise, we put our own relationship with Jesus at risk and will waste the good work He has done in our lives if we are not diligent.

Our garden with God

Satan entered the Garden of Eden and destroyed the fellowship Adam and Eve had with God. (Genesis 3:23-24) Today he is just as determined to destroy our relationship with Jesus. Adam and Eve were not diligent in protecting the garden they shared with God from the enemy. How many times do we declare our passion, love and desire for God only to find the fire put out by our own ‘self’ nature? There is no one else to blame for our negligence. The fence broke because of our dereliction of duty and the enemy destroyed God’s good work.

A spiritual garden with a broken fence condemns us to a life of two steps forward, one step back.

Today we can correct that wrong by mending the broken fence around our spiritual garden. We can repent of the negligence that allowed ‘self’ to destroy the green shoots of faith God wants to grow. If we are diligent and faithful to protect the garden within He will help us. Today, If you hear His voice I urge you to listen and be wise. Do not the enemy destroy the spiritual garden God has planted within you but nurture and protect the Life within.


Homer and Wanda

Spiritual Garden

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  1. davidkitz

    An excellent illustration. Thank you.

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you David. We are blessed by your words.

  2. Beverley

    “A broken fence isn’t an accident, it is proof of neglect.” I like this post especially the above sentence. Sometime we want to blame God for every bad thing that happen to us not realizing that if we allow the hedge of protection to be broken the enemy can come in. Thank you for sharing and God bless you

    1. Homer Les

      You are very welcome Beverley. Thank you for your contribution. May His face shine brightly in your life today!

  3. Dawn

    Thanks Homer and Wanda for this important reminder to keep our spiritual fence strong for Jesus. You’re an inspiration to have gone through so much yet still trusting in our Lord Jesus. The enemy will use any opening he sees to get in and try to destroy. We must stay connected to the Vine and obey His voice so this doesn’t happen. ❤️

    1. Homer Les

      Amen Dawn. He is Life itself. If we lose that connection we really have nothing. May our hearts be knitted to His ever tighter, every day!

  4. Precious One

    I’m so happy to be finally able to comment on your posts. I’ve read and read so many but for some reason, every time I type the info in to comment – it doesn’t take. Whew! Praise God. I’m so excited I didn’t even read this one…yet lol. Let me go read and return ??

  5. Precious One

    Hmmmm mmm mmmm. Powerful words! You have painted such a beautiful analogy that reminds us to be sober and vigilant at all times. We cannot afford to ever be lazy and slothful when it comes to tending the garden God has entrusted to us. Wow! I love this warning given, “A spiritual garden with a broken fence condemns us to a life of two steps forward, one step back.”

    1. Homer Les

      We are so glad you can comment now Precious One. Praise be to the Father! Thank you for the kind words. We appreciate this very much. Have a blessed day and may your vehicles continue to be protected by our wonderful God! ?

      1. Precious One

        Amen on all counts! Thank you both for the love and prayers. It reaches me all the way in New Jersey, USA. Continued blessings to you both as you press towards the mark of the prize of the higher calling which is in Christ Jesus ??

  6. lindafwalker

    Wow! This was such a powerful message. Thank you for sharing. I know that each of us can look back at our experiences to determine what and where were the broken fences. Sometimes we only see what we want to see. Thankful to God that he allows us second chances to get it right. May God continue to bless you and Wanda.❤??

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you so much Linda. Our Father is indeed so good to help us mend those broken fences. May our Beloved shower you with His love and blessings!

      1. Homer Les

        You are so welcome Linda! Thank you and our Father bless you richly!

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