Uncompromising Faith - The Fruit TreeA Farmer had a vast plot of land where He wanted to grow fruit. He planted millions of fruit tree seeds across His property hoping some would take root, sprout, and grow. The hope was that all the people and animals could enjoy the fruit from the fruit trees.

The Farmer's field

Uncompromising Faith The Fruit Tree Seedling 2In many areas, the soil was not good and only a few trees appeared. In other areas there were many trees. The Farmer watched over them all, waiting for trees to grow as He desired. As the Farmer walked all across His land, He would see only a few trees growing and but some were starting to mature. Each time He found a maturing tree, the Farmer would stop to examine it.

Although every tree was different the Farmer’s keen eye would spot the weak limbs, dead wood and diseased leaves in those trees that were growing. The problem was not the tree but the roots. Deep below the earth pollutants and chemicals had long ago polluted the groundwater. As the tree drank up this toxic cocktail, it hurt the tree as it matured. Something had to change.

One day, the Farmer walked through His land with a spade and small pot. He stopped when He found a particular fruit tree that was doing better than the tiny plants around it. Gently, He dug the tree and roots out of the ground and placed it in the container. With the potted tree in one hand and the spade in the other, He returned home.

The Farmer's greenhouse

Uncompromising Faith The Fruit Tree GreenhouseIn the Farmer’s yard was an expansive greenhouse filled with wonderful plants, trees and smells. The surrounding giants dwarfed the tree that looked so large in the field. The Farmer placed the little fruit tree on a bench and examined His prize. Soon pruning shears came out, and the Farmer removed the dead wood, diseased leaves and fruit. The small tree looked even smaller now, but the Farmer gave the plant some life giving water and nutrients. Unlike the polluted water from the field this water was pure and refreshing, bringing needed healing.

Uncompromising Faith The Fruit Tree Bigger PotThe fruit tree spent many days in the little bucket soaking up the sun. Over time the tree grew in size under the constant attention of the Farmer. Each time He watered the plant, nutrients would pass through the roots, up the trunk and through the limbs to the leaves flushing out the toxic remains. Leaves came forth in emerald green and the spindly trunk became thick and solid.

Uncompromsing Faith The Fruit Tree TransplantSoon the tree began to outgrow its little bucket home in the greenhouse. The Farmer watched this progress and one day arrived with a larger pot. With a quick move of His hand He scooped the fruit tree from its place of confinement and moved it to the larger vessel. The weeks and months passed and the roots again pushed to the boundary of its new home. Each time the Farmer would transplant the thriving tree to an even larger container giving it room to grow and expand.

The Farmer's garden

Uncompromising Faith The Fruit Tree HoleAs the years passed this once sickly fruit tree began to assume the regal and majestic bearing of its neighbors. The strong limbs reached out almost touching the roof of the greenhouse. Soon the tree would be too large to transplant. The Farmer looked over His private garden and found a perfect place for His tree. He then dug a hole large enough to hold the root ball of the fruit tree. Then He walked back to the greenhouse.

The tree had spent many years in the confines of the greenhouse and loved the quiet care it received there. Though imprisoned in a small space the fruit tree saw this as home. Fresh air, wind and rain were faded memories of a long past life, mostly forgotten.

The Farmer’s tender care was all the fruit tree needed to be content.

The Farmer, however, had other plans for this tree. The destiny for which the fruit tree was conceived was to bear fruit for all the people and animals. In the polluted open field only a small portion of this fruit would have come forth. By bringing the tree into the greenhouse the Farmer had groomed it to bear much fruit. Now it was outgrowing the greenhouse. For the fruit tree to flourish it would need a permanent home where it could grow to its full stature. The Farmer came to begin the final transition.

The fruit tree comes home

The once little fruit tree was now a majestic specimen ready to bear the fruit the Farmer desired. He wheeled the fruit tree and its container out of the sheltered greenhouse into the fresh air. Outside, the wind caught the leaves, and they sang praises to the One that brought forth new life. The Farmer brought the fruit tree to the cavity in the garden. Carefully He lifted the tree from its container and placed it in the cool soil. Placing more soil around the tree, He tamped the dirt down then gave the tree a healthy drink of water, feeding the tender roots. The fruit tree was now home, planted in the garden of the Farmer.

To him who has ears, let him hear.


Homer and Wanda

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  1. StainedbytheSpirit

    I really loved this post Homer! Sometimes it’s scary to leave the greenhouse, but we trust that the Gardener put us in the field at the perfect time! AMEN and GOD BLESS!

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you! We think the time for us to transition is coming sooner than we think.

      Homer and Wanda

  2. Precious One

    As I read this all I felt the Lord saying to me was “This was you my beloved. It’s that time for final transplant.” ????

    1. Homer Les

      Awesome! Blessings to you Precious One!

  3. Gary Fultz

    Thanks Homer. It is more reality than just a nice story when we walk with God…the pruning is tough tho

    1. Homer Les

      Totally agree. Thank you Gary. May His richest blessings overtake you!

  4. Rebecca Hastings

    What a sweet parable that reminds us of all the stages of God’s love for us!

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you! Blessings to you Rebecca!

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