It has been several months since God has permitted the demonic principality of fear blanketing the earth. Although satan wishes to bring about an end to civilization prematurely God is softening the blow. God allowed this manufactured crisis to expose what is in the hearts of man. From panic buying to egregious government overreach, we are witnessing a spiritual battle of epic proportions. The Bride of Jesus is on the front lines of war as Jesus is exposing the mask of the Beast.

The Shaking

Uncompromising Faith - The Mask of the Beast - Lion statue from Getty Images

For the past two months God moved our family into a battle we knew was coming but had little idea of how it would unfold. We face unprecedented sickness, conflict and trial, as many of God’s chosen have, as this pall of fear tries to constrict and smother us too. However, like all trials that God leads us through, Jesus is lessening the blow. He is deftly exposing the enemy’s plans and those who would bow to demonic filth. This revealing of the mask of the Beast is crucial for this hour in history.

Many years ago, when God waged war with Pharaoh over the Hebrews, the entire nation suffered, including the Jews, for the first few plagues. As the plagues progressed however, God spared His own. He withdrew them from the people of Egypt with whom they had become entangled. The plagues, though horrific, served like a sieve to separate God’s own people from those they served. The shaking was necessary to prepare the people for what lay ahead.

God is permitting a shaking in our time. His people need to divorce the Beast system of this world that is ensnaring them.

Wisdom from experience

In the middle of trial and battle it is hard to appreciate God’s love working in the situation. We struggle to reconcile what we experience with what we believe. God is building our faith by making us face the unknown. Having faced this demonic principality of fear before, we can attest that God has it in check. Satan will not do greater damage than the Father allows to bring about His perfect will.

Every trial Jesus leads us through grows our faith as we follow Him. As a faithful Savior we trust in His goodness and faithfulness. It is only after the trial does He explain what happened. In this way Jesus builds in us uncompromising faith and greater trust in who He is. The trial before us is no different. This wisdom God is giving us we share with you.

Although it is easy to get trapped in the weeds regarding this current crisis satan unleashed through the Chinese communist party, focus your attention on the bigger spiritual picture. Those who know the word of God know at the end of the age a Beast system will appear and take over the earth; forcing many to take its mark. Our goal here is to expose the present Beast system. We see its tentacles trying to force its will on people. Knowing the characteristics of the mark may help others avoid it.

The Characteristics of the Beast System

The first characteristic of the mark of the Beast is that those who are a part of it will treat everyone like a child. The term for this is neoteny; the progressive juvenilization of adults. This is a tactic slave owners use to keep slaves from rebelling. You may have seen this. From people demanding grown adults to stand in a particular spot in a store, or wear a specific article of clothing on their face, and then treating them like disobedient children if they do not comply.

Secondly, the Beast will always try to violate the free will. This is done under the guise that ‘we are all in this together’ or ‘we are trying to keep you safe’. These words are the oil on the sword to enforce egregious and silly dictates of power hungry people that have allied themselves with the Beast. Any time our free will is subjugated and suppressed, we know the Beast system is near.

Remember that if we do not have the freedom to say ‘NO’ we do not have the freedom to say ‘YES’.


Once the Beast has suppressed most people into blind, fearful obedience, those that walk in faith, or challenge the overreach, are seen as rebels. The Beast does not have full control over the earth, but it will not tolerate disobedience for that is the seedbed of rebellion. This rebellion against the Beast system is what people of uncompromising faith are called to.  They divorce the God of this world to be wedded to the God of heaven.

The Beast system controls people through direct enforcement, however their enforcement is capricious, arbitrary, and without compassion or mercy.

Watch an example of this here.

Standing in the Day of Evil

Whether we agree, the Beast system is well entrenched in business and government today. It is seducing many into obedience and worship of it through deception and lies. God is sending this shaking to separate His people from those that would take the mask of the Beast and follow it to their doom. How do we navigate through this time?

Remember the big convictions you hold to inside guide the little decisions you make each day. If preserving your body causes you to take the mask of the Beast system, then you have no faith, rootless and tossed about by every whim of man. If faith reigns, then you will take a stand with Jesus against those that would enforce capricious dictates that morph and change every day.

Jesus is the Rock. This unchanging truth we can hold on to no matter what satan throws at us.

What are we members of?

Recently our family had to make such a decision. In 2017, we got a Costco membership and shopped there occasionally when we could afford to do so. When the demonic principality of fear was unleashed this spring, we watched aghast as Costco instituted Draconian guidelines. They were more suited to a socialist dictatorship under Nicolas Maduro than a free society. However, when they decided to enforce mask wearing arbitrarily we knew we had to revoke our membership permanently. We took a stand against the Beast system as God led, and afterwards He gave us these verses.

If your right eye serves as a trap to ensnare you or is an occasion for you to stumble and sin, pluck it out and throw it away. It is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be cast into hell (Gehenna). And if your right hand serves as a trap to ensnare you or is an occasion for you to stumble and sin, cut it off and cast it from you. It is better that you lose one of your members than that your entire body should be cast into hell (Gehenna). (Matthew 5:29-30)

Standing against evil

Being a member of Costco bound us to a Beast system our family could have no part of. It is wisdom to cut it off lest we be dragged down to the same hell of pitiless obedience Costco management demands from its patrons. By God shaking the earth, He is exposing the Beast system hidden in plain sight not three blocks from where we live. If we do not take this stand of faith now, how can we stand in faith when the times get darker?

Now you [collectively] are Christ’s body and [individually] you are members of it, each part severally and distinct [each with his own place and function]. (1 Corinthians 12:27)

Peacekeepers versus Peacemakers

Today we can be a peacekeeper or a peacemaker. A peacekeeper blindly follows the dictates of the Beast without understanding what is behind it; satan. Words of ‘stay home, stay safe’, ‘wear a mask’, ‘social distance’ are words peacekeepers use to enforce obeisance to the Beast system. If others fail to heed their words, they are shamed and ridiculed. Peacekeepers do not want anyone to rock the boat. Their words are filled with fear and ‘self’-preservation.

Peacemakers can see the tentacles of fear that satan uses to entrap. They stand up in faith, clinging to their conviction of truth, knowing that only in Jesus is there safety. This means there will be a confrontation with the peacekeepers as they try to force the peacemaker to wear the mask of the Beast and submit. Stand firm in faith.

Resist the devil at this time and hold fast to the faith to which God called you.

Today God is building in His people a faith that will endure to the end. As we face the searing headwinds of the mask of the Beast, we remember that the God who has brought us into the valley of despair will also be the One who brings us out! May Jesus find His Bride worthy to be called by His Name. Don’t put on the mask of the beast; but keep and preserve your spiritual autonomy and freedom in Christ!


Homer and Wanda

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  1. Shellie Maheu

    Such a great word of truth and wisdom. GOD help me through the grace of your son JESUS CHRIST and HIS abilities that I tap into, to remain a peacemaker, and keep sharing the truth in love, because it is the truth that sets us free!!!!!! Much love to you and Mrs Wanda Homer!!! ❤️

    1. Homer Les

      Thank you so much Shellie. This was such a tough word, both in the experience and in writing it out, that we struggled in getting it out. Praise the Father that this is a blessing to you!

      May you and your family be wonderfully blessed!

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