Every day we exercise faith by the choices we make whether or not we are conscious of this. Through each decision we feed either our ‘self’ nature or our spirit. The struggle most believers have is understanding the consequence when we feed one or the other. The reward of faith comes when we feed our spirit over our ‘self’ nature.

The reward of 'self'

Uncompromising Faith - The Reward - StatueSince feeding ‘self’ is our default behavior we easily see the results. There is immediate pleasure associated with feeding that nature. That is why the choice is easy. There doesn’t appear to be any downside… at first. As time passes, however, we pay the price for the ‘pleasure’ we get from feeding ‘self’. Short term pleasure bleeds into long term pain.

Like an overdue credit bill we cannot sow to the ‘self’ nature and not expect the negative consequences to bite back.

The cost may come quickly or it may take years but it will come as surely as the dawn. If the believer does not turn to Jesus in repentance, the results will be far worse than they can imagine. Many believe this is only true when we pass from this life but this is not true. The negative effects of serving ‘self’ will burden a person until they die and then beyond.

The reward of faith

Feeding spirit is not an easy choice. When a person follows Jesus in faith, the negative consequences are swift to arrive. Satan designs his resistance to discourage the believer and prevent any future action. Satan cannot afford to lose any of his own so he deliberately obstructs any choice a believer makes for faith. There is short term pain leading to long term gain.

Resistance makes faith grow.

If we don’t succumb to discouragement, our faith will lead us to increased spiritual maturity. The greater the step of faith, the greater the resistance. As our faith steps increase so will the negative consequences; to a point. The reward, however, will also increase proportionally. Since Jesus is our reward, as we walk in faith we lean on Him and intimacy grows. Rewards that come in this life only grow after we pass.

In a world addicted to receiving immediate gratification many believers will not accept that the reward of faith will not come until after we step out.

The majority will miss out of the benefit of being an overcomer, spiritually mature and intimate with Jesus simply because of shortsightedness. They are not willing to take steps of faith in God that costs them something first. In consequence we will continue to see weak, ineffectual Christians that profess faith in a perfect Jesus but do not live accordingly. Look around the church, observe, and you will find a great sea of believers that act like unbelievers. Is this the future you desire?

It's our choice

Faith boils down to a choice. What you believe inside is what will manifest outwardly. The price of faith in ‘self will be pleasure now and pain later. The price of faith in God will be pain now and pleasure later. Choose wisely for one is the path to death and the other a path to life.


Homer and Wanda

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  1. Shellie Maheu

    “Short term pleasure bleeds into long term pain.” Wow! HOW TRUE. And believe this, but I am still reaping certain consequences of NOT belonging to CHRIST sooner from decisions made that are life lasting. That’s my biggest regret too in my life, not making the decision sooner. My life would be so different but then i have to also look at it as I wouldn’t be who I am today. My mess is now a MESSAGE. That’s the best way for me to share JESUS, by telling all that HE has done for me. If I can be changed into who GOD created me to be, there is HOPE for anyone ?
    I often think a lot and I never get a different feeling when I think about how GOD held me, kept me, preserved me, from death while I was “in the world” GOD never let death find me.

    When I finally realized that there was nothing I could ever do enough to “earn” salvation, I finally realized what it meant to be saved and finally let go and let GOD change me on HIS OWN and HE is still doing it. He will be until I go to be with HIM. It’s a daily walk. The more that we let go, the more HE shows us. Resistance is only hurting us

    1. Homer Les

      Amen Shellie! Thank you for your comment.

      Isn’t it so beautiful how He takes the mess of our lives and turns it into His message? Wonderful insight! Thank you.

      We totally agree we cannot ‘earn’ anything with Him, especially salvation, for that would suggest there is something in us that is lacking in God. How far from the truth. When we allow Him to empty us of ‘self’ we gain Jesus. All He is looking for from us is that we use our sovereign will to agree with Him. That’s it. If we would only realize how ridiculously easy it is to surrender. The trouble lies in that ol’ ‘self’ and the enemy that put it there. It refuses to die. Thank the Lord that He leads us through the process of the wilderness, as much as we agree to follow, to kill it. Yes, He does it in His time, not ours and we can rest in this because He is good an perfect. It is an amazingly freeing revelation, isn’t it? You are a blessed daughter of the King Shellie and we look forward to hearing more of the revelation He brings through you as you surrender to Him.

      Homer and Wanda

  2. janjoy52

    “Choose wisely for one is the path to death and the other a path to life.”. Such wonderful and true observations and advice! Reblogging!

      1. janjoy52

        I am grateful for you and the nuggets of truth you provide for me to pass along!??

      2. Homer Les

        Our pleasure! “Freely (without pay) you have received, freely (without charge) give.” Matthew 10:8, our motto!

        Homer and Wanda

  3. Shellie Maheu

    Wow amen!! It’s a beautiful journey

  4. Words from Eliah

    I love this. I won’t succumb to discouragement in Jesus’ name! Thank you!

    1. Homer Les

      We stand with you in faith! Blessings and love to you!

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