The Veil of ‘Self’

The Problem

As I lay in bed this morning thinking about the day, I noticed something; a veil of ‘self’ had descended over my thoughts and feeling. This started a few days earlier, but I was not paying attention. Like a fine mist, the veil grew ever thicker until I had a hard time making out my Beloved.

The enemy began with a simple tactic. He used our living circumstances in this motel room and our book, which seems to have stalled due to lack of interest, to draw my focus on to ‘self’. My ‘self’ nature then craftily blinded my spiritual vision with tiny thoughts and feelings of discouragement and frustration that I was not diligent enough to thwart. The veil of ‘self’ began to fall, filling my foggy brain and heart, with its toxicity. It was clear I was failing to take all my thoughts captive to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5) and the nasty ones made it past security.

The battle for our thoughts and feelings is not one we can take lightly.

The enemy routinely sends Trojan horse deceptions into our minds and hearts that the ‘self’ nature that is all too willing to accept. Once they get in a veil of ‘self’ falls over our thoughts and feelings until we no longer see Jesus clearly. We are robbed of peace. This is an ongoing pattern we have observed for a long time. The subtlety by which satan and ‘self’ launch such an offensive makes the violation so very dangerous.

But I failed and sure enough I went downhill. Then the Lord spoke. Isn’t it grand that no matter how we may get lost in the fog, the Holy Spirit can break through and lead us to sanity? With a few words He pointed out my mistake; gently and with great love.

The Solution

God’s message was simple, repent, and move on. Yes, it is that simple. Jesus does not make us jump through hoops, punish or make us go through some penance to restore a broken relationship. He simply wants us to recognize the wrong and reverse course. When I repented He blessed me by restoring clarity to my thoughts and feelings.

The veil of ‘self’ has been lifted.

The discouragement may come back but at least I know the signs to look for. I am prepared and watchful for any thoughts that take my focus away from Jesus.

Our Father is watching over us, helping us to see what we cannot without His help. If your connection with Jesus seems murky, ask the Holy Spirit for clarity. He is more than willing to open your spiritual eyes to see Jesus.


Homer and Wanda

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14 thoughts on “The Veil of ‘Self’

  1. LOVE THIS!!!! REPENT and move on! Amen! And I loved your blog on debt. For some reason I have a hard time replying though. It sometimes appears bugged out on WordPress. Love this!!!!

  2. It’s easy to fall into discouraging thought patterns. Keeping our focus on Jesus does help. When we fall short it’s great to know we can repent and be restored. Great post! Thanks for sharing this. ❤️

  3. I have never thought of it quite this way. “The Veil of ‘Self'”. I agree it is so important to see it coming and redirect. Thank you for sharing with Grace & Truth Link-Up.

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