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Did you know the building you live in and the temple you occupy are both made from the same small elements? From science we know all matter comprises atoms and those atoms are brought together in such a way to create the smallest creature up to the largest universe. God works with the building blocks to create life and He has given us a similar ability.

To create life

Uncompromising Faith - To Create Life - BabyAs humans, we are uniquely created in God’s image. He has given us an ability to create like no other created being. Although nothing we build matches God’s power or grandeur mankind has still achieved some fantastic feats of creativity. The greatest of our buildings however is not one we can see with our physical eyes.

Like God we possess some fundamental building blocks we work with to create life. These building blocks are our thoughts, words and deeds. What we think, say and do all flow from the deepest part of our being, our spirit core. In this core dwell the spirit nature given to us by God and our anti-spirit, or ‘self’ nature. These two natures fight over the creative process that is our life.

Spirit will move us to create a life obedient to Jesus. ‘Self’ will drive us to create idols dedicated to ‘self’.

From these three simple elements we build our lives, slowly through a lifetime of decisions. The masterful eye of the Creator Himself will test the edifice we created. Who we are will be laid before Him and whether the foundation of our creation is ‘self’ or spirit cannot be hidden.


Once our time is done and our creative process is complete, our finished work is brought before Jesus to be judged. Jesus will look at the totality of our life, all of our thoughts, words and deeds, to decide our fate. Many falsely believe that He will simply accept a profession of belief in Him as the totality of judgement. Nothing could be further from the truth. The basis of His judgement will be if we loved the Light more than the darkness (John 3:19). What we created from a lifetime of thoughts, words and deeds will be what He judges.

Loving the Light more than the darkness means most of our decisions will reflect spirit over ‘self’. If the bulk of our daily thoughts, words and deeds reflect ‘self’ then we are building for ‘self’. If the bulk of our thoughts, words and deed reflect spirit then we are building a relationship with Jesus. You may fool me, or your friends and family including yourself, but you cannot fool God. He alone knows if we create life or we create for ‘self’.

The question is, how much of what you think each day, say each day and do each day reflects a life dedicated to spirit or ‘self’?

What are you building?

We do not create life from one decision but many. Though we may want a different outcome wants don’t matter, only thoughts, words and actions.

How is your day going? Have your thoughts dwelt on Jesus or have you been overwhelmed with ‘selfish’ thoughts? Are your words uplifting, encouraging and honoring to God and others today or have you let ‘self’ destroy with the tongue? What about your actions? Do your actions reflect your profession of faith and bring blessing to others or have you simply done what pleases ‘self’? Have you used your thoughts, words and deeds to create life today or perpetuate ‘self’?


Homer and Wanda

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  1. Suzette Benjamin

    Fantastic post Homer, I see were we have received a similar message to tell today. Praise God❤️ Your words are beautifully illustrated with lovely examples. Yes, in the end, the Lord will decide whether we lived in spirit or in self. How awesome is God, Amen

  2. Dawn

    Thanks Homer. As I was reading this I thought of Romans 8:6 NKJV… “For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace”. Following Jesus leads to life and peace. Everything we do should be contributing to the purposes of the Lord and not our own selfish motives.

    1. Homer Les

      Excellent Dawn! So very true. Thank you for this wisdom! Blessings to you dear sister.

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