Stages of Spiritual Maturity

Many believers fail to recognize that God has given us a very clear and defined path to spiritual growth. It is very simple to see in Scripture but too many miss it. What we have learned is that these 3 stages can tell you where you are at and what is ahead in spiritual growth. The path is clear; the growth is your choice.

Understanding How We Are Put Together

God designed us with a body, soul and spirit. Of these three parts the spirit core of each person is most important. What we have learned is that within the spirit core of every person is a spirit and an anti-spirit that battle for control. Who wins depends on whether the spirit or anti-spirit gets fed. God’s judgement of us depends on the outcome of this battle.

A Study of the Nature of the Soul

This little gem is a visual representation of the growth, or death, of our soul. It brings understanding to the complex interplay of all the areas of our souls in a simple manner. Full of easy graphics we have attempted to break down how a person can grow in spirit if they choose. We also have a short video that clearly shows the progression of growth in a soul that chooses to follow God.

Major Indicators of the Self Nature

We all have a ‘self’ nature. We are born with it and live with it every day. Each day we make choices that will either kill our ‘self’ nature and give life to our spirit or we will kill our spirit and let our ‘self’ nature flourish. This document lays bare some of the characteristics of the ‘self’ nature. It is hardly comprehensive but a little of what we learned on our journey. From this document you should be able to tell if your ‘self’ nature is alive and well or dying.

Understanding That Which Calls Itself The ‘Church’

Religion is one of the most insidious and crafty of all the systems of man that satan has designed. It has trapped, deceived and destroyed millions with lies claiming to be from God. We once read that religion was trying to ‘do’ God without Jesus. Although an admirable descriptor it fails to grasp the details of this demonic system. We have tried our best to give some practical understanding of what it looks like to help prepare you. Hopefully you will be able to “Come out of her, my people.”